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CDN How did your work attract Bertone's attention?

MG Nuccio Bertone was just an acquaintance, a friend of a friend. There was an occasional meeting and out of kindness Nuccio asked me to show him my drawings [in the early 1960s]. The stuff I showed was mainly car stuff, crazy ideas but different.

CDN Why didn't you join Bertone at that time?

MG In all truth I can say Bertone would have hired me two years earlier. The real reason I didn't go before was that I wanted to work for myself, but the main reason was Giugiaro's opposition. Bertone admitted that Giugiaro said that if I had been hired he would have left. When Giugiaro did leave Bertone, Nuccio tried to hire me straight away but he didn't have my address as I was working in Milan so it took a bit longer to get in touch. But one or two months later [November 1, 1965] I started working for Bertone.

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