Bridgestone Falcon Concept Car

/ Wednesday, February 24, 2010 /

Here is the semester concept car project that I did for my exterior design lesson.

Falcon is an innovative concept both “unprecedented’’ and dynamic suggesting an elegant synthesis between two worlds - that a car by its front aspect and double rotatable jet propelled engines by its rear aspect. These engines are giving a lot of extra power when you do race, and they push up the rear of vehicle to reach the vertical position for the city mode then they turn off and the vehicle works like a big SEGWAY for using less space on ground to enlarge the parking place for people.

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/ Tuesday, February 9, 2010 /

Illustration with some ornamental and typographic details that i did in my freetime with adobe ai. hope u like it!

RES-Q Concept

/ Friday, February 5, 2010 /

Here is the Resque vehicle concept for the exam/presentation that i did with my friend Alessandro Nardolillo at school.

About the concept:

Open your mind and imagination to vehicle unlike others. A vehicle that is exceptional and clearly befor its time. As you see in the layut there 2 main vehicle that we seperated with the names AN ( big one) and SS ( small one)

The RES-Q AN Concept is a big rescue vehicle with a futuristic design characterized by multiple elements that is usable in different conditions. The vehicle can be used in landscape and marine conditions as an amphibious vehicle. in the top of the vehicle there is a capsule shaped flying vehicle which is remote controlled system for rescuing the people from constricted areas. in the rear of the vehicle there is lifted garage for the 2nd vehicle : RES-Q SS.

The RES-Q SS concept is triple purposed vehicle with full time four wheel drive. Powered by a 350 bhp engine, is capable of travelling 100 mph on land and 40 mph on water, 140 mph in air.

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