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Why Today’s Racecar Drivers Are So Damn Boring

/ Thursday, January 3, 2013 /

We need more Jeremy Clarksons in this world. Guys that don’t give a crap what anyone thinks. Those who speak first and think later. Or perhaps JC does think first, but decides to “fuck it.” It’s fair to say, however, that if Top Gear wasn’t such a megahit worldwide, the BBC would have thrown him to the lions years ago.
In F1?
Yes, Kimi is the man, and his return to F1 this past year has only emphasized how much we’ve missed him. Today’s drivers are chained in corporate cuffs and made to dance like a bunch of South African puppets — only way less entertaining.
Sir Stirling Moss put it this way: “That’s what you get when money takes over. When the race finishes, instead of chasing girls like we did in my day, now they go and say thanks to Vodafone.”

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